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KOIDE Poland Sp. z o.o. ul. Roździeńskiego 11 41-300 Dąbrowa Górnicza
fax & tel. +48-32-2-626-146 e-mail: koide@koide.pl
KOIDE Italia Via G. Frua 21/6 - 20146 Milan (MI) - Italy
fax & tel. +39-02-4351-1210 e-mail: naka729@gc5.so-net.ne.jp


Our products are mostly semi-finished elements for automotive industry. Modern technology allows us to make special machining of cold forged parts as well as machining and cutting of pipes, bars, and sections of steel and aluminum (also for a very short lengths). Furthermore we offer thermal treatment and galvanization.

1. Thin-walled steel sleeve

2. Thin-walled steel sleeve

3. Metal sleeve

4.Cold forged metal parts

5. Cold forged metal parts

6. Serrated steel sleeve

7. Aluminium parts

8. Aluminium parts

9. Aluminium parts

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