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KOIDE Poland Sp. z o.o. ul. Roździeńskiego 11 41-300 Dąbrowa Górnicza
fax & tel. +48-32-2-626-146 e-mail: koide@koide.pl
KOIDE Italia Via G. Frua 21/6 - 20146 Milan (MI) - Italy
fax & tel. +39-02-4351-1210 e-mail: naka729@gc5.so-net.ne.jp


Welcome to Koide Italia!

My name is Loredana and I’ve been working for Koide Italia since November 2007.
Our company works closely with Koide Poland; we can say that Koide Italia is Purchasing and Sales Dept of Koide Europe and takes care also of Logistics. Koide Poland takes care of Production as well as the shipment of our final products to our Customers.
For such reason at very beginning of my work I had been sent to Poland to work for 2 months in order to get to know our production environment. I really appreciated this fruitful experience from both working and personal sides. Working in another country can really broaden your mind! For such experience I really felt at home from the beginning and felt like as I had been working for the company for long time. I understand that it’s very important and useful to know personally the people you are going to work with.
Our office in Milan is located in a residential area and close to downtown which is very convenient whenever you want to go for a nice stroll after work. What is more, our block of flats has got a lovely garden with many big trees and lovely flowers all seasons long.

What I really like of my job is that I can deal with many different matters which really make my days different and lively. Working for a growing company is very interesting and exciting since you really feel that things are changing quickly. Personally, I’ve been trying to use my previous work experience to improve and change our way of dealing with the different aspects of our business step by step with the growing of our company.

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